Air Raid at Quorn Station, GCR 4th-5th June 2016 – instructions for reenactors

The display will be at 1:10pm on Saturday and Sunday in Quorn Yard in the space between the Goods Shed and Marquee. Quorn and Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, LE12 8AG.

The detail of the scenario is here.

Please look at the GCR Wartime Weekend website here.

We are planning to take the Dodge Mobile Dam as the main vehicle in the scenario. The K2 and a pump be present, with the K2 acting as an anbulance, and we may take the TL, as that makes for very interesting public displays of a training session putting up the ladder.

Robert Blincow writes:

During the GCR weekend we will have a TV crew following us. Primarily the programme which is for Channel 5 is about caravanning and what people use them for. The crew will be doing a fly on the wall type filming which involves them following us from home and then everything we do over the weekend. They have asked for involvement in the various scenarios taking place over the weekend.

We are expecting our visitors Neil and Julie to play the roles of casualties.

Sadly, due to ill health and an impending house move, Wendy and Norman Brown will be unable to join us for the weekend.

We are expecting the following to take part:

NFS: David M, Richard B, Michael S, Dan W, Tony F,  Duncan W, Rob L (one day), Chris B, Marcus, Steve E, Adam C, Lewis S, Steve M (Sun only)
Organisation: Jan S
Blood and guts: Hannah S, Angie C
Police: John C (if available), Neill L (one day), Dan H
ARP/CD: Helen C (if available), Graham H, Victoria (one day), Lynn H (CD/medic)
Others: Colin P (lorry), Neil and Julie (civilian casualties), Kevin S, David M (American serviceman with motorcyle)
WVS: Fran M, Rhia B, Ann U
UK Home Front: WVS Rest Centre
Royal Army Service Corps: David B-H and around 5 members of MECO

The following are intending to camp: Chris B, Tony F, Lewis S.

Safety Briefing and signing-in: 9:30 Saturday and Sunday at the NFS Canteen, which will be outside the Butler Henderson cafe. (Briefing in cafe if wet). Tea will be available for participants.

During the morning, the NFS crew will parade on for inspection at 10:15 (TBC), followed by kit checking. A TL drill session at 10:45, followed by an early lunch. At 12:15 there will be a final briefing for anyone who missed the earlier one, followed by final preparations for the scenario, which will involve:

  • Checking the wagons are damp.
  • Getting the lorry into place.
  • Erecting the crowd barriers.
  • Putting out the incendiary pyros.
  • Liaising with GCR about ‘bang’ pyros (Carl Bourke).
  • Sound check.
  • Siren check.
  • Buckets of emergency water behind and in the open wagon.
  • Final safety check with Noel Bedder – Fire & Safety officer

The NFS crew will ensure that the open wagon is well doused with water before the public arrive, to make sure that there is no possibility of a real fire. If the weather is hot, it will be doused again an hour before the display.

The mobile dam will be filled with water from the Petrol Tank Wagon before the public arrive.

As we don’t expect an ambulance to be present, we will use our NFS K2 as an ambulance to take the casualties from the air raid scene to the UK Home Front rest centre for treatment.

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