K4 breaks down on way to Alf Porkett’s funeral

Everything was prepared – a test run last weekend, adequate petrol, black ribbon, tunics, choice of cap or helmet, belts and axes, boots cleaned, wet legs sorted – all ready.

I set off this morning for Wilford Hill Crematorium, and everything was going well. Until I got to within a couple of miles, and then she cut out. Petrol out? The fuel pump wasn’t ticking but I put in another gallon to be sure, and she started again first press.

Broken down on Trent Bridge

Broken down on Trent Bridge

But only got about half a mile and she cut out again. 30 minutes to go, and right slap bang in the middle of Ternt Bridge. Luckily I had momentum to drift onto the pavement. Petrol at the carb – tick. Spark from the coil – tick. Those are the two most common issues, and I was stumped.  I wanted to cry. So I called Dave and Dave who I was to meet there, and they came and collected me.

The plan had been to meet the funeral cortège at the crem drive entrance, and for the K4 to lead up the drive. We got there a few minutes before 12:00, the appointed time, and waited, and waited.

They were even earlier and didn’t wait. So we missed the service too. But were at the entrance to salute the family as they came out and they appreciated that. Especially as no-one was there officially from the fire brigade.

Roadside were almost useless but I have traced the fault to the rotor arm. Spark goes into dizzy but does not come out. Only redeeming feature of today is that there is a pub 100 yds from K4 while I wait for recovery.

Back at the farm and took the rotor arm off the K2 and with it the K4 started first press. Just as well, as I didn’t have a plan B to get it back into the shed off the recovery truck.

Gutted. Had better days.

Perspective: Other people have had far worse days when an engine wouldn't start!

Perspective: Other people have had far worse days when an engine wouldn’t start!

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