Derby Fire Show

A substantial NFS and AFS contingent made its way to Derby Fire Show on the weekend of 15/16 June. Unfortunately the Fordson broke down whilst in a convoy from Lowdham to Derby. However, in the AFS contingent we had 5 Goddesses, two RLs, a control unit, a wrecker and a motorbike, joined by the Goddess from Sheffield Fire Museum. In the NFS contingent, we had the K2 and Beresford Stork pump and the K4 TL joined by the Dennis Light Four crewed by members of ‘Heroes with Grimy Faces’.

Each day started with an NFS display portraying an Air Raid. An ARP warden on patrol gets caught up in falling bombs and after trying to tackle them with a stirrup pump, calls for the NFS who make pumps two, with TL requested. The Light Four set suction into one dam and get four jets to work, while the Beresford sets into the other dam, to feed the TL. Men get the ladder up and extended, and train a 5th large jet from a 1 1/4″ nozzle on the ladder monitor.

Martin Jones has taken some great photos here.

Each day ended with an AFS display. The mobile column entered the arena underneath the 6″ pipe bridge. Hose was laid to carry water from a Goddess set into the lake, over the bridge, and round the arena relayed by two further goddesses to fill the largest dam from a spout secured to the tree.

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