Fordson 7V Escape Carrying Unit

First Registered: 6 November 1941

Past History: New to the National Fire Service, and passed to East Sussex Fire Brigade in April 1948. It was stationed in Uckfield Keld Avenue Fire Station in the 1950s. It was then sold to a company in Portslade in 1965, and somewhere along the line it was painted sky blue, presumably as part of some works fire brigade. By the 1980’s is was in near scrap condition, but was restored and painted grey by Alan Patmore, who owned it for around 25 years. We bought it in 2011.

Owned: David Moore

Work to be Done This Winter:

  • Does not run well – has a tendency to overheat if pushed. Spits oil from filler cap. Head gasket(s?) failing – water gets into the oil. Do we remove the sump and big ends to inspect the pistons?
  • A couple of teeth missing from first gear.
  • Some locker doors loose.
  • Sort out the locking pins in the wheeled escape extending lever
  • Clean and grease the extensions on the escape
  • Renew the trip cable to the ladder pawl
  • De-rust and paint chassis

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  • Air Raid On the Home Front at Rufford Abbey 26-27 Sept 2015 September 21, 2015 People are going about their business – police arresting spivs, civilians coming and going. There is a special event on in Rufford Abbey that a lot of people are present at. The air raid siren sounds, and people look round for the approaching bombers. Civilians are ushered into the shelters. Perhaps a few into the undercroft, ...
  • Newark Emergency Services Heritage Show 4-5 July July 1, 2015 We are down to do a Wartime NFS display at 12:00 and a Cold War AFS display at 15:30 on Saturday, but on Sunday the times are AFS at 10:00 and NFS immediately following at 10:40. We also hope to take part in the vehicle parade (11:10 Sat, 15:00 Sun) and put our TL in ...
  • Danger UXB May 8, 2015 Just started watching the DVDs of the 1970s TV series, “Danger UXB”, and saw a fire engine. Got very excited when I saw what it was, and even more so when I saw the registration. You can see Episode 2 here (it’s about 11 minutes in). Here are a few stills… Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterGooglePinterestPrintEmail
  • Training session on Fordson Escape and Turntable Ladder March 16, 2015 A group of 9 of us met to train on the Wheeled Escape and the Turntable Ladder. We wanted to get to be as competent and safe with the Escape as we are with the TL, and to practice rescue techniques using a Neil Robertson stretcher. A video of what we achieved can be seen here, ...
  • The Pump Escape in service in the 1950s March 15, 2015 Following on from the photo from Bruce Hoad showing GGN802 at Uckfield Fire Station in East Sussex, we were delighted to hear from Guy Bowes  who is an archivist for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, and sent us these photos from the same day in the 1950s. Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterGooglePinterestPrintEmail
  • Papplewick Pumping Station this weekend 17 Oct 14 October 17, 2014 Just a short note to say that we are taking the K2 with a pump, the Mobile Canteen and the Turntable Ladder. Additionally, we may take the Pump Escape on Sunday if there is any prospect of doing some training with the escape (as Papplewick is one of very few locations where we can get ...
  • Photos of Air Raid at Rufford, Sept 2014 October 14, 2014 We have just received a report from the ARP wardens as follows: At around 2:20pm we received word from our colleagues in Leicester that a doodlebug had passed overhead, and was approaching us. At 400mph, it would be with us in around 10 minutes. We scoured the skies, and sounded the alarm. We heard it approach, ...
  • Rufford Abbey Air Raid timeline September 26, 2014 Important note for all participants: Briefing at 10:30 in the Turning Circle (Saturday) Start at 2:30 (Both Days) Siren is start of scenario. End of siren is cue for start of V1 approach sound. ARPs look to the sky, and point to the approaching bomb. Try to all look in the same direction! Evacuees Uninjured evacuees come out as directed by ...
  • Air Raid at Woodhall Spa July 21, 2014 Somehow the Germans got wind of an important visitor to Woodhall Spa over the weekend of 19th and 20th July 1940, and mounted a hit-and-run air raid on the Golf Hotel where the VIP was expected. A lone bomber passed over a few times, dropping a mixture of High Explosives and Incendiary bombs. Luckily, the HE ...
  • Fordson 7V ‘GGN802’ post-war history discovered October 11, 2013 I recently had a call from Bruce Hoad, a firefighter with East Sussex Fire and Rescue saying he had seen a photograph of our Pump Escape at Uckfield Fire Station in the 1950s.     A bit more research led him to a post-war history of Uckfield Fire Brigade on Uckfield News. There is also some wartime history ...

Workshop and Restoration

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Manual of Firemanship






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