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Following on the success of our major air raids at Woodhall Spa and Rufford last year, we are planning to improve on them in the coming year.

The scenario aims to make an air raid as realistic as possible – see here for an impression of the event at Rufford.

To improve, we would like to make contact in advance with groups or individuals who would like to be involved, who portray ARP, Police, NFS and other Civil Defence Organisations, WVS, Home Guard, doctors, nurses and First Aid Post, ambulance and of course, a number of civilians.

The scenario may contain some of the following ideas or features:

  • Audio soundtrack of approaching bombers, and falling bombs
  • Air raid sirens
  • Smoke as bombs land
  • Civilians injured by shrapnel
  • Red/yellow lights shining through smoke
  • Fireworks to simulate incendiaries
  • Incendiary falling from roof
  • ARP injured when incendiary explodes
  • Tackling small fire in a shed with stirrup pumps
  • ARP first aid
  • Messenger to summon NFS
  • Pump to supply 1 or 2 branches
  • Second pump to supply TL as water tower
  • Running out of water
  • Water relay
  • Casualty rescue from building entrance
  • Casualties on stretchers
  • Ambulance to take casualties, or ARP and others to carry stretcher to First Aid Post.
  • Civilian rubbernecks, looters?
  • Police / Home Guard to keep order, stopping distressed civilians from going back into the building, clearing a way for the Fire Engines to approach, keeping onlookers out of the way.
  • Second soundtrack – bomber machine-guns onlookers
  • WVS bring refreshment to firemen
  • WVS taking care of rescued civilians, reuniting families
  • A visit by the King or Mr Churchill

We are particularly looking for:

  • First Aid and vintage Ambulance
  • Civilians to play casualties
  • Someone to operate sound and PA, and possibly improve our soundtracks.

Looking at the video, we noticed that the ‘casualties’ coming out of a burning building don’t have a mark on them! It would be great to have civilians who had a second ‘tatty’ costume that was dirty, dusty, torn, bloody, and sooty. And it they had soot on their faces as well, that would be great! We are also thinking of some civilians being quite seriously injured – prosthetic latex wounds stuck on, with lashings of fake blood.

We would also like to improve the ‘drama’ of the scene, as the expressions on people’s faces show up very clearly in good quality film and photos. If you are a volunteer evacuee or casualty, you should not be carrying a camera, mobile phone or digital watch. Ideally, your face will show the emotions of shock and outrage. You might be disorientated. You may be angry at what the enemy bombers have done to your beautiful village or home, that now is in ruins. You may be terrified that the bomber may come back again with machine guns. You may be be beside yourself with worry about what has happened to your husband or wife or children who were with you a few minutes ago, but are now nowhere to be seen. You may be concerned that you have left something important in the building that is now on fire.

But one thing you will not be: happy and laughing!

If you would like to take part, all we ask is:

  • You get in touch before the weekend if possible.
  • Read the details of the scenario a few days before the event for the latest plans. The pages under Events 2014 will be updated frequently with more and more detail as the date gets closer.
  • Read our Risk Assessment – it will be posted here soon.Safety, both your own and that of others, is of prime importance throughout the display, as we don’t want any real injuries!
  • At the start of the weekend, you meet us for a safety briefing, and sign on. You will provide contact details in case we need to get in touch after the event, and sign to agree that you have read the safety information, and will abide by it. (It’s not onerous, but we are committed to running a safe show).
  • You come to the NFS vehicles at least an hour before the scenario is due to start for final briefing (and makeup if you are a casualty).
  • You try to imagine yourself in the character of someone in the air raid, not just in their clothes.

It is great fun – other re-enactors have said that taking part was the best thing they did!

Our provisional event list is at

Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part.

David Moore,  for National Fire Service Officers

07718077584 or

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