Newark 4-5 July

Newark Emergency Services Heritage Show is on the weekend of 4th and 5th July 2015.

We will be running two major displays at the event, a Wartime National Fire Service air raid, and a Cold War Auxiliary Fire Service water relay with Green Goddesses.

For the Wartime event, we are hoping to involve 5 or 6 appliances. There will certainly be our three: the K4 Turntable Ladder, the Fordson Pump Escape, and the K2 towing a Dennis Trailer Pump. We are hoping Andrew Scott’s Dennis Light Four will join in the display, and other wartime appliances present may drive into the arena with us.
IMG_20150314_145232 (Copy)
We are planning to rescue a casualty from a tower using the escape and the TL, as follows: The Fordson PE arrives first, and sets the wheeled escape against the tower. A fireman goes up, and finds an unconscious casualty at the top of the tower, and calls for the TL to act as a crane for a rescue with the Neil Robertson stretcher. The stretcher is hauled up, and a few moments later, it is lowered down containing our (dummy) casualty. As soon as it reaches the ground a stretcher is carried out into the view of the crowd with our (live) casualty, adorned with a range of serious injuries (courtesy of our resident makeup artistes).

Lowering the casualty

Lowering the casualty

As soon as the casualty reaches the ground, the pump is connected up, and the TL becomes a water tower. Meanwhile, the Dennis Light Four has been fighting the fire with 4 hand-held branches.

For the Cold War event, a mobile column consisting of several Green Goddesses, together with RL trucks, a motorbike despatch rider, and various other vehicles will enter the arena, and lay a 6-inch water relay, which returns to the dam through the pipe bridge and cascades back into the dam from a height of around 10 feet, giving a real idea of what 900 gallons a minute looks like.

If you would like to take part in either or both of these displays, please get in touch in the normal ways: or 07718077584 or 0115 9664938. Remember, this will take a lot of manpower, so please volunteer to take part, even if you do not have a suitable vehicle. We want more than one person in the cab of each vehicle! We will have a practice session on the Friday evening, which is essential to take part.

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