Winter Maintenance – Replacing the cable on the TL

A few weeks ago, we had the Turntable Ladder inspected according to LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations). These regulations cover any equipment used to lift a person into the air at work. Although we are not strictly ‘at work’ we still need our equipment to be safe.

An inspector came, and gave the TL a clean bill of health except for one thing – the cables that extend the ladder were more than 5 years old and should be replaced, even though they were not in any way unsafe.

So we removed the cables, and took them to Wire Rope Assemblies in Retford who made a replacement pair for under £70! As we removed the cable, we had to remove each of the pulleys, and found a couple of worn pins and bushes, which we replaced.  some were just oiled, rather than greased, so we fitted grease nipple. It was actually quite easy – the most difficult bit was getting the split pins out!

We have just got it all back together, we just need to put the split pins back, and grease all round and adjust the secondary cable so that both ladders click over the ratchet pawls at the same time.

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I am a director of a small (and very technical) business, a committed Christian, a Reader (and preacher) in my local village church, husband to my dear Frances, am interested in heritage railways, and heritage fire engines. I currently run a group that displays wartime and early post-war fire engines at 1940s re-enacting events and steam engine rallies. O yes, and vintage cars and motorbikes, and we live in a Victorian railway station.
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