Commemorating the Auxiliary Fire Service – 50 years on

The AFS was formed in 1949 and served until disbanded, along with the rest of the Civil Defence movement, on 1st April 1968. The NFS and AFS Vehicles Group are planning to commemorate this with two significant events this summer.

We will be at both Wicksteed At War, a big annual show run by the Military Vehicles Trust on 8th-10th June, and at The 50th Anniversary Show of the Fire Services Preservation Group at the Motor Museum at Gaydon on 21st-22nd July.

Secondly, we will do what we can to recreate the Mobile Column, and drive the vehicles round the area. OK, so we don’t have 100 vehicles, but we hope to have representatives of motorbikes, a Land Rover, Control Unit, Hose Layer, Pipe Carrier, Petrol Carrier, General Purpose RLs, and of course, Green Goddesses. We plan then to lay some 6-inch hose at speed from the Hose Layer, and show how the Goddess is connected into the hose line.

So how can you get involved? I would love to have one or two people at each event who remember the AFS, and could help me with the commentary. Although I can say what the vehicles we used for, and what a Mobile Column could achieve, it would be lovely to have personal experiences and reminiscences about the training and exercises.

We would also like people to ride in all the vehicles, especially if you have a period helmet and melton tunic! If you would like to be involved in the action, we will be having training sessions in Nottinghamshire in the next few months. If you own an AFS vehicle, and would like to bring it to either event, please let me know.

For more information, please see our website

Wicksteed Park is near Kettering. See

Gaydon is about 10 miles South of Royal Leamington Spa.

David Moore, NFS and AFS Vehicles Group. or 07718077584

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I am a director of a small (and very technical) business, a committed Christian, a Reader (and preacher) in my local village church, husband to my dear Frances, am interested in heritage railways, and heritage fire engines. I currently run a group that displays wartime and early post-war fire engines at 1940s re-enacting events and steam engine rallies. O yes, and vintage cars and motorbikes, and we live in a Victorian railway station.
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