NSK visit and Radio interview today

Stanley Works frontageWe are delighted to announce that NSK, the current owners of the former Ransome and Marles works, are happy to accommodate our visit on the Sunday afternoon following the air raid.

The convoy will set off from the Air Museum as soon after 3:45 as possible, and certainly before 4pm. We need to get to NSK soon after 4pm so that we can allow 30 minutes there, and still get to the Market Square by 4:45, to be parked up and ready for the church service at St Mary’s (next to the Market Square) at 5pm.

IMG_20160226_100353 IMG_20160226_101817The Facilities Manager at NSK is very pleased that people are taking an interest in the history of the old Works, and has arranged for himself and three other managers to be present to escort us round. They have also managed to waive the ‘no photography’ ban on the site for our visit.

We will be able to go into the courtyard behind reception where the old Stanley Works entrance used to be, and then go down the main Works access road, very close to where one of the direct hits landed. You can see wartime camouflage paint still on the brickwork. There is impact damage still visible round the window frames from that day. This is the access road that was blocked by debris, and 500 men were involved in clearing it. At the end is a small memorial garden, with a plaque remembering the dead. The plaque should be cleaned up a bit by next week! We plan to lay a wreath here.

IMG_20160226_103029The original plans for the underground casualty Treatment centre will be on show. They would like to be able to open up the basement, as it still exists, but there are safety issues, as seven of the original eight entrances have been sealed. The remaining entrance is under 4 steel plates in the car park by the road.

You can still make out the letters of ‘Ransome and Marles’ on the masonry behind the old entrance.

We suggest that people in modern cars coming to the church service drive to NSK, and then we pack people into the minimum number of vehicles for the short run to the church. We will then get people back to NSK to recover their cars. There should be quite a few seats in vintage vehicles.

This afternoon, I spoke about Wartime re-enacting on the Verity Cowley Show on Radio Nottingham today. You can hear it from 3:15:45 – 3:32:00 on the link here.

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