Remembering the London Blitz


Yesterday, a small group of us, David and Frances, Richard, Michael, Peter, Angus and Frazer went to London to commemorate 75th anniversary of the devastating air raid of 29th December 1940. We remember the heroic actions of the AFS, fire watchers, ARP and WVS on that night in which a 8 historic Wren churches, together with the Guildhall, and almost an entire square mile of the historic City of London was destroyed. Around 160 were killed as well as 14 firemen, with many more injured, and thousands left homeless.

We drove to Hertford, took the train to Moorgate, and walked to St Paul’s. We expected everyone to be there by then, but Massey Shaw had done some pumping in the morning, and people watched that from Allhallows Lane by Dowgate Fire Station before coming up to St Paul’s. In the afternoon, there were a few trips round the city, before everyone returned to Dowgate to wait for the siren at 6:05 and the special cavalcade round the City, led by a police car, escorted by two police cyclists, and tailed by a modern fire engine.

Thanks to Pascal Beauverd, Martin Cook and Margaret Dorman for a number of the photos.

Bomb damage seen from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral


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