K4 Winter Maintenance

Over the last few weeks, two key components of the K4 TL have received professional maintenance. Firstly, the petrol tank has always been a problem. The original filler spout entered the tank via a horizontal pipe, making for very slow filling, and entered the tank via a screw fitting that leaked. The tank was repaired by ‘Coolex’, formerly Nottingham Radiators, of Radford. They replaced two inelegant patches, and fitted the spout directly into the tank at the rear, for easy access by petrol pumps from either side of the vehicle. Other defects were sorted. Meanwhile, we cleaned and repainted the brackets, and drilled new holes so that the tank could be mounted about an inch lower, which will give better access to the tank send unit, and easier filling.

Secondly, the ladder head lock unit. This fitting prevents the ladder from moving whilst on the road. However, it has always been stiff, and opened too far, causing damage to the ladder itself. This was caused by some driver in the distant past driving off with the ladder extension PTO engaged, an accident that was repeated this summer, making the lock unusable. It has been fully dismantled, straightened out, the shaft untwisted, and repainted. It just needs the wooden blocks replacing, and it will be ready for refitting this weekend.

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