Woodhall Spa Air Raid safety briefing

>To ALL reenactors planning to take part in the Air Raid at Woodhall Spa on 18/19 July. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you attend the safety briefing at 11:00am on the day of the air raid, and that you SIGN IN on the attendance sheet. This applies to ALL reenactors. No Exceptions (unless agreed with David Needham in advance)

So if you would like to be involved as: NFS, ARP, WVS, Police, Ambulance Driver, Dispatch rider, Walking evacuee, casualty, Doctor, civilian onlooker, Press or whatever, you MUST come to the briefing. It would also be helpful to PM lowdhamstation on facebook, or email info@nfs-afs.org.uk NOW if there is any doubt if you are on our list.

11:00 both days, by the NFS Mobile Canteen in the Golf Hotel car park if fine, or in the reception of the Golf Hotel if wet.

If you are NOT on the safety briefing sign-in sheet you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE ACTION SIDE OF THE CROWD BARRIER.

Download the Casualty and Press Briefing PDF

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