Rufford Abbey Air Raid timeline

Important note for all participants: Briefing at 10:30 in the Turning Circle (Saturday)

Start at 2:30 (Both Days)

  • Siren is start of scenario.
  • End of siren is cue for start of V1 approach sound.
  • ARPs look to the sky, and point to the approaching bomb. Try to all look in the same direction!


  • Uninjured evacuees come out as directed by ARP, to WVS rest centre. Because this is before the arrival of the appliances, and as the rest centre is a safe area, untrained people can participate.
  • Wendy first seriously injured casualty. Staggers dramatically, frets about Norman, faints, assisted by ARP and nurse, transferred to stretcher by ARP.

Firemen arrive and put out the fire

  • Firemen arrive:
  • Fordson PE (nose to dam) to get water on ASAP
  • Ambulance arrives and turns round. Parks out of the way facing ramp by field hospital.
  • K2 and pump to park by PE. Drop pump. Turn round to face ramp.
  • TL to position for rescue
  • May do short squirt from TL (to be decided).
  • ARP report further persons missing inside
  • Firemen into building with tools
  • Water off and silence
  • Casualty found, Neil Robertson stretcher taken in, TL prepared for rescue.
  • Hoses can be made up at this stage by anyone at a loose end – it will save time later


  • Once the small fire is out, the injured casualties start to emerge.
  • Norman, Will and Di eventually emerge. Norman between shoulders of 2 firemen. Likewise Di. Scope for First Aid by ARP, doctor, nurse etc.


  • John calls to say that casualty is now in NR stretcher ready for lowering.
  • Rescue line is lowered from pulley block by fireman at ladder head
  • Casualty is lowered. On reaching the ground, it is carried round TL to be visible.
  • Doctor pronounces casualty dead at scene, covers with blanket
  • Corpse (still in NR stretcher) carried to K2. K2 departs to mortuary.


  • Ambulance is summoned by messenger
  • Ambulance reverses into place centre stage. Casualties loaded.
  • Ambulance departs, and waits in turning circle

Firemen and Monty/Churchill

  • By this stage, hose should be made up.
  • K2 arrives back after ambulance leaves
  • ARP and Firemen fall in for inspection line
  • Dignitary arrives.
  • Inspection
  • 3 cheers
  • Dignitary departs.
  • Fall out
  • Vehicles depart
  • This is the end of our 30-minute slot

Casualty treatment at field hospital (3:00pm)

  • Ambulance returns from turning circle. We are now no longer at the air raid scene, but at the field hospital some way away.
  • Eventplan stewards remove the crowd barrier so people can get close to the action
  • The field hospital is adjacent to the WVS rest area and the mobile canteen. Sympathy and tea is dispensed
  • The St John Ambulance nurses tend the casualties.
  • Monty or Churchill visit the work and congratulate the staff, and encourage the wounded.
  • When complete the casualties ‘rise’, and take a curtain call. (Approx 3:15)

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