On the Home Front at Rufford Abbey, 27/28 September

The NFS & AFS Vehicles Group are again staging a major air raid on the old abbey Rufford Air Raid 2013buildings, with sirens, V1 approaching, ARP clearing the street,  a single big explosion, civilians evacuated by ARP, the NFS tackling the fire, WVS assisting with evacuees, medics treating casualties, casualties to stretchers and into ambulance. 2:30-3pm. (Being the 70th anniversary of 1944, we will use a V1 doodlebug soundtrack instead of our usual bombers.)

As doodlebugs did a lot of damage, but often didn’t start a fire, or only a small one, we will just have a single hose playing onto the fire, which is quickly put out. The Turntable ladder will be used to rescue a casualty from  high window.

Rufford Air Raid 2013Another new feature planned for this year is to have the ambulance drive off round the turning circle as the NFS clear up, ending the display. The ambulance will then re-appear arriving at the Field Casualty Station, to allow a display of treating a casualty by the St John Ambulance nurses. 3:00pm-3:15pm.

All NFS, ARP, Home Guard and Police, WVS and civilians, casualties, medics and ambulance reenactors are invited to take part. Note that to take part, we request you:

Casualties by Paul Herrmann (2)Woodhall Spa air raid by Mick HillWendy and Norman Brown will be the stretcher case ‘bloody casualties’, but we invite any other civilian or uniformed re-enactors to have cuts, bruises and grime makeup to make the evacuation of the Abbey more realistic. Bring a tatty shirt or blouse that can be dirtied if you can.

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I am a director of a small (and very technical) business, a committed Christian, a Reader (and preacher) in my local village church, husband to my dear Frances, am interested in heritage railways, and heritage fire engines. I currently run a group that displays wartime and early post-war fire engines at 1940s re-enacting events and steam engine rallies. O yes, and vintage cars and motorbikes, and we live in a Victorian railway station.
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