Just collected a London Dennis No 2 Pump

We have recently collected and started stripping down a London Dennis pump, bought as a source of spares for our other Dennis pumps.

The pump looks to be in good condition, as is the tinware and chassis, but the engine is seized, having suffered copious water damage, possibly from a failed head gasket.

So the plan is to use the pump on the original 1938 Dennis trailer, as that has frost damage to the internals of its pump, and put the scrap pump on the London TP. The engine will be removed, and all the salvageable parts will be kept – carb, magneto, etc. The exhaust pipe and coolant tank will be used on the 1938 TP, which has a very unsatisfactory coolant arrangement, and no exhaust.

That will leave a trailer with very good tinware and a good chassis, wheels and brakes, and a cosmetic pump. The next stage will be to put a plywood ‘floor’ where the engine was to use as a display area, making it a ‘portable recruitment and display unit’. The display area will then be covered in perspex, so that nothing get damaged by rain, or disappears to the ‘light fingered’ brigade. It will be easy to tow, as it will be about 1/3 of the original weight.

The manifold (which has a bit broken of, but repairable) goes on ebay. I am keeping the carb and magneto, and the petrol tank is spoken for. If anyone wants any other engine parts, please contact me.


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