Winter maintenance on Beresford and new Dennis

The starter motors of both Dennis pumps have been overhauled by Whyatt & Sons in Stapleford. A nice job at a fair price. As soon as the paint dries, we will try them out.

Meanwhile, I did source a set of Austin 8 Main Bearing shells, but failed to remove the caps at the ends. So we have just changed the top and bottom shells of the centre main bearing, which was the very worn one. Now, when the engine is turned over with a pot of oil under the oil pump, oil come out of all three main bearings in equal quantities, rather than all from the worn centre bearing.

Warning – don’t do this test at home, as it is rather messy 🙂

Meanwhile, John is completely overhauling the new trailer for the wartime Coventry Climax pump. He has stripped it down almost to the very last nut and bolt, and is well on the way to repainting and reassembling it. It just needs a bit of new tinwork where the metal moths had a go at the bottom of the hose troughs.

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