Status of the equipment – planned winter work


Austin K2 ATV – Runs well, but would benefit from some cosmetics, such as a complete repaint (!), attention to LH front wing, rear trim strip.

Austin K4 TL – Runs well, but fuel tank send unit is out of calibration, fuel tank filler pipe leaks when tank is completely full, a couple of dents in LH rear wheel arch, power supply to spotlight needs installing, ladder needs wire brushing and paining (this will take years). The wiring needs re-instating to the small lamp by the extension indicator dial (not that we plan to extend the ladder in the dark very often…)

Fordson 7V PE – Does not run well – has a tendency to overheat if pushed. Spits oil from filler cap. Head gasket(s?) failing – water gets into the oil. Do we remove the sump and big ends to inspect the pistons? A couple of teeth missing from first gear. Some locker doors loose. Tatty wiring in cab needs tidying. Escape Ladder needs paint-stripping and varnishing. Chassis needs wire-brushing and paint/waxoyl. Brake mechanism needs lubricating and checking. We also need to sort out the locking pins in the wheeled escape extending lever, clean and grease the extensions on the escape and renew the trip cable to the ladder pawl.

Green Goddess – Runs well. Driver’s seat collapsed – needs a metal bar screwing on below seat back (now done 30/11/13). Then just needs a good grease round, and pump /primers lubricating.


Mobile Canteen – Needs clerestory window covers making, rain strip fitting, internal painting, then internal fitting-out with seats, lockers, cupboards, drawers etc. External painting needs a second coat, then lettering to be added.

Old Dennis No2 Trailer Pump – runs, but cylinder head is cracked (head stitched and refitted before Christmas). Reluctant to start sometimes. Has a tendency to overheat – water circulation needs improving, and needs acid descale. Needs non-return valve to stop header tank draining back to pump casing. Water header tank needs a bung or lid to stop cooling water overflowing onto magneto. Could really do with a full repaint.

New Dennis No2 Trailer Pump – Needs a repaint as it is currently a drab military green. Needs attention to towing eye and front end. Has not yet been tested.

Coventry Climax Trailer No1 (“Michael’s trailer”) – currently carrying the operational Beresford Stork. Needs grease caps on the wheel bearings, but no other work needed.

Coventry Climax Trailer No2 – currently carrying the wartime small Coventry Climax pump. Mounts need adapting to fit the wartime pump (rather than the 1950s pattern FWP it was designed for). Underneath needs brushing and painting.

Wartime Coventry Climax Trailer – very tatty. needs full repaint, and attention to towing eye. Will eventually carry the Wartime Coventry Climax.


Beresford Stork No1 – Runs well.

Wartime Coventry Climax – Some perished water pipes. Needs draining for winter.

Grey enclosed Coventry Climax FWP – Has run in the past, but no compression in two cylinders – stuck exhaust valves suspected. No spark from magneto.

Green Coventry Climax FWP No1 (in Goddess locker) – operational, I think?

Green Coventry Climax FWP No2 – head gasket needs replacing (emulsified oil). No spark – magneto timing?

Red Coventry Climax FWP – No compression. No spark. Realistically, only for spares.

Beresford Stork No2 and No3 – for spares. No action planned.

Hand Pumps

Red cast iron pump – Recent restoration. Just needs suction hose  to complete.

Portable hand pump – This has suction from the pump – just needs a turned wooden handle on the piston, and a delivery hose. And a bit of spit and polish.

Wheeled barrow tank and pump – Needs thorough repaint, hoses fitting, and pump cylinder overhaul. This may be rather tricky as rather a lot is seized up.

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