It can now be revealed – A Re-enactor’s War

Some months ago, we were invited to contribute to a book, edited by John Leete, about our experiences in re-enacting. But we had to keep it secret until the book was announced. We decided to use our chapter of the book as our ‘about’ page – you can read it here.

The Home Front Revisited And Remembered
John Leete
Foreword By Helen Patton
Introduction By The Royal British Legion
Epilogue by Dame Vera Lynn
Celebrating a community, the history they bring to life, and the inspiration that drives them
‘It is important that we all remember our history and it is to the re-enactors we turn in helping to ensure we never forget.’ DAME VERA LYNN

The Second World War changed Britain and its people forever and as the gap of history widens, re-enactment plays an increasingly significant role in keeping alive the social and military experience of the war years and it helps us all to remember the sacrifice and determination of a generation that lived in extraordinary times.

A Re-enactor’s War explores what inspires, moves and motivates re-enactors of all ages and backgrounds, and their close relationships with the veterans and people they seek to honour. Reminiscences of the Home Front from evacuation to the Blitz and beyond and new interviews with re-enactors are brought together to pay homage to a time that we must always remember. It was our nation’s darkest hour, but also a time when amidst the turmoil and upheaval, the British people fought back with their inimitable Home Front spirit that continues to inspire today.

• A tribute not only to the bravery of the war generation, but also to their camaraderie and their love of life.
• Illustrating the insight that re-enactors can provide into the lives of ordinary people is a valuable contribution to learning about how wars really affect and change society.
• Mixing previously unpublished original period images with a selection of stunning colour photographs depicting aspects of Second World War Home Front re-enactment.
• Recounting the characters, their individual stories, amazing experiences and their dedication to preserving the past.
• Detailing our Home Front history.
• Officially endorsed.

John Leete has been an avid World War II re-enactor for 22 years. A regular speaker about Britain’s Home Front, a consultant for TV and a Home Front tour guide, John is passionate about commemorating the experiences of the Second World War and preserving that history for future generations. He is also author of The New Forest at War, Hampshire at War and Under Fire (all, The History Press) and contributes to many history publications. He is presently researching several new titles as well as new projects for TV and Radio.

Available from all good bookshops, Amazon and The History Press. Direct sales – telephone 01235 465577 or
For information about talks or interviews, please contact Kerry Green at The History Press on 01453 732 512. It is expected to be available in July.

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