Austin K2 maintenance – rust in the windows frames and wings

For some time now, we have been aware of rust round the window frames on the K2. They had been sealed shut by the previous owner, but rusty blisters have been appearing. We decided to bite the bullet, and get the frames out, knowing hat we have a couple of other frames in rather better condition. On removal, there was some (rare) good news – the recesses for the frames in the vehicle body were in very good condition, and we had one good frame, and two frames that were half-decent. So we cut the two half-decent frames in half, and spliced together the two decent halves to make another good frame.

Also, in the vehicle, we found hinges for both driver and passenger-side windows in situ, so we can restore both windows to be opening.

But there has to be some bad news, and that was that we also found blistering on the front wing. Some of the bolts holding it on needed persuading with an angle-grinder, but half an hour saw the wing removed. It had been plated before, (not very well) and the rust was appearing in the dirt-trap between the plate and the original panel. Luckily, the threee rotten areas are in simple, rather than complex curved areas (this means the plate can just be bent, rather than needing panel-beating), which is again good news.

The plan is to have this done by next weekend!

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