Photos from Papplewick Pumping Station

A small group took the K2 and Dennis pump, together with a Beresford Stork pump, and the Mobile Canteen. We informed the public about the dangers of the incendiary bomb, and then demonstrated the power of the pumps, running a fairly substantial hand-held branch with two ground monitors, both with 1  1/8″ nozzles.

With thanks to Andrew Harrison, amhjp photography Military, for these excellent photos.

See more of his work here:

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Maintenance and Training weekend 30-31 July

We would like to invite our regular NFS firemen, and anyone who would like to see the collection and try their hand at hose, ladder and pump drill to come and join us at the farm on Saturday and Sunday 30-31 July.

We have hoses, branches and pumps to test, so there will be opportunities to have a go, and to learn and practice on these.

We have a backlog of sorting out and cataloging equipment, spares and other general ‘stuff’, including re-organising some of the longer-term parts to the more out-of-the-way spaces so that everything is more accessible.

The Mobile Canteen needs the roof painting, as well as a full paint inside.

The extending ladder on the Turntable is long overdue for sanding down and repainting. And there’s an engine to put back together, a gearbox and clutch to dismantle, and some interesting historical fittings to mount for display, as well as a load of leaky hose to be cut down, and refurbished as short lengths.

It would be great if a good number of people could come, as we would get so much more done than we can achieve on our own in evenings. Saturday night accomodation is available for anyone coming from further afield.

Please contact us if you are able to come, by email on, or message on our facebook page or telephone on 0115 9664215 (John) 0r 9664938 (David). We will then let you know times and directions.

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1940s Festival at Woodhall Spa

Back home from another successful, safe and enjoyable scenario at Woodhall Spa. We took part in the display ‘The Eagle has Landed’ in which German airmen dressed as Polish paratroopers attempted to capture Churchill.

A number of our regular ‘Bloody Casualties’ were made up and carried out on stretchers.

The whole town was packed, and this made the road run very interesting.

Thanks to everyone involved, Firemen, Casualties, Civil Defence, and behind-the-scenes crew:

  • Keith and Shelley from Poole
  • Lewis
  • Peter, Angus and Frazer
  • Steve E
  • Michael
  • Richard
  • Steve and Mick with the red fire engines
  • Elaine and Terry, Wendy and Norman, Ann and Kev, our ‘Bloody Casualties’
  • Fei Ran and Rebecca
  • Paul with his K2 ambulance
  • Mervyn, Dan and Ian, the policemen
  • Will and Di, Graham and Victoria, Elaine and Alan in various Home Front services
  • And a special thanks to Jan, Hannah, Ange and Fran

It was great to work with you in a low-stress environment, where we all had fun, and still produces a successful, and extremely popular, display. A real delight was seeing a few low-level passes of the Lancaster, before getting all the vehicles safely home.

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Air Raid at Quorn Station, GCR 4th-5th June 2016 – instructions for reenactors

The display will be at 1:10pm on Saturday and Sunday in Quorn Yard in the space between the Goods Shed and Marquee. Quorn and Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, LE12 8AG.

The detail of the scenario is here.

Please look at the GCR Wartime Weekend website here.

We are planning to take the Dodge Mobile Dam as the main vehicle in the scenario. The K2 and a pump be present, with the K2 acting as an anbulance, and we may take the TL, as that makes for very interesting public displays of a training session putting up the ladder.

Robert Blincow writes:

During the GCR weekend we will have a TV crew following us. Primarily the programme which is for Channel 5 is about caravanning and what people use them for. The crew will be doing a fly on the wall type filming which involves them following us from home and then everything we do over the weekend. They have asked for involvement in the various scenarios taking place over the weekend.

We are expecting our visitors Neil and Julie to play the roles of casualties.

Sadly, due to ill health and an impending house move, Wendy and Norman Brown will be unable to join us for the weekend.

We are expecting the following to take part:

NFS: David M, Richard B, Michael S, Dan W, Tony F,  Duncan W, Rob L (one day), Chris B, Marcus, Steve E, Adam C, Lewis S, Steve M (Sun only)
Organisation: Jan S
Blood and guts: Hannah S, Angie C
Police: John C (if available), Neill L (one day), Dan H
ARP/CD: Helen C (if available), Graham H, Victoria (one day), Lynn H (CD/medic)
Others: Colin P (lorry), Neil and Julie (civilian casualties), Kevin S, David M (American serviceman with motorcyle)
WVS: Fran M, Rhia B, Ann U
UK Home Front: WVS Rest Centre
Royal Army Service Corps: David B-H and around 5 members of MECO

The following are intending to camp: Chris B, Tony F, Lewis S.

Safety Briefing and signing-in: 9:30 Saturday and Sunday at the NFS Canteen, which will be outside the Butler Henderson cafe. (Briefing in cafe if wet). Tea will be available for participants.

During the morning, the NFS crew will parade on for inspection at 10:15 (TBC), followed by kit checking. A TL drill session at 10:45, followed by an early lunch. At 12:15 there will be a final briefing for anyone who missed the earlier one, followed by final preparations for the scenario, which will involve:

  • Checking the wagons are damp.
  • Getting the lorry into place.
  • Erecting the crowd barriers.
  • Putting out the incendiary pyros.
  • Liaising with GCR about ‘bang’ pyros (Carl Bourke).
  • Sound check.
  • Siren check.
  • Buckets of emergency water behind and in the open wagon.
  • Final safety check with Noel Bedder – Fire & Safety officer

The NFS crew will ensure that the open wagon is well doused with water before the public arrive, to make sure that there is no possibility of a real fire. If the weather is hot, it will be doused again an hour before the display.

The mobile dam will be filled with water from the Petrol Tank Wagon before the public arrive.

As we don’t expect an ambulance to be present, we will use our NFS K2 as an ambulance to take the casualties from the air raid scene to the UK Home Front rest centre for treatment.

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Photos from the Newark 75th Anniversary Commemoration

This gallery contains 29 photos.

Some photos from Timothy Rogers.

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Newark Advertiser photos

In preparation for the Commemorative re-enactment of the Newark Air Raid, the Newark Advertiser came down to our storage facility to take some publicity photos. As it happens, a building had just been demolished, so we had the perfect backdrop. Lewis, Richard and I got the Beresford Stork to work.

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Article in Newark Advertiser, and Convoy Instructions

If you would like to come on the convoy to NSK and on to the Market Square and Church Service, please read the Instructions for the Convoy and Church Service Sun 6th March.

4 managers from NSK will be there to show us round.

You should see:
• Traces of the ‘Ransome and Marles’ painting on the old frontage
• The old office entrance to the ‘Stanley Works’
• The drawings of the underground dressing station, and the (sealed up) entrance to it in the car park
• Old camouflage paint and bomb damage to walls and windows as we walk down the main access road.
• The Memorial Garden, where we plan to lay a wreath beneath the memorial plaque. This is on the site of the old General Stores, and just a few yards from where the first bomb dropped.
• The ‘shrapnel-proof’ concrete roof to the old Power House

There is a nice article in the Newark Advertiser here.

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NSK visit and Radio interview today

Stanley Works frontageWe are delighted to announce that NSK, the current owners of the former Ransome and Marles works, are happy to accommodate our visit on the Sunday afternoon following the air raid.

The convoy will set off from the Air Museum as soon after 3:45 as possible, and certainly before 4pm. We need to get to NSK soon after 4pm so that we can allow 30 minutes there, and still get to the Market Square by 4:45, to be parked up and ready for the church service at St Mary’s (next to the Market Square) at 5pm.

IMG_20160226_100353 IMG_20160226_101817The Facilities Manager at NSK is very pleased that people are taking an interest in the history of the old Works, and has arranged for himself and three other managers to be present to escort us round. They have also managed to waive the ‘no photography’ ban on the site for our visit.

We will be able to go into the courtyard behind reception where the old Stanley Works entrance used to be, and then go down the main Works access road, very close to where one of the direct hits landed. You can see wartime camouflage paint still on the brickwork. There is impact damage still visible round the window frames from that day. This is the access road that was blocked by debris, and 500 men were involved in clearing it. At the end is a small memorial garden, with a plaque remembering the dead. The plaque should be cleaned up a bit by next week! We plan to lay a wreath here.

IMG_20160226_103029The original plans for the underground casualty Treatment centre will be on show. They would like to be able to open up the basement, as it still exists, but there are safety issues, as seven of the original eight entrances have been sealed. The remaining entrance is under 4 steel plates in the car park by the road.

You can still make out the letters of ‘Ransome and Marles’ on the masonry behind the old entrance.

We suggest that people in modern cars coming to the church service drive to NSK, and then we pack people into the minimum number of vehicles for the short run to the church. We will then get people back to NSK to recover their cars. There should be quite a few seats in vintage vehicles.

This afternoon, I spoke about Wartime re-enacting on the Verity Cowley Show on Radio Nottingham today. You can hear it from 3:15:45 – 3:32:00 on the link here.

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Newark Air Raid 75th commemoration – final instructions

Stanley Works frontageThe final instructions are now available to download. All participants of the event must read these carefully.

Newark Air Raid Final Instructions

Additionally, please let me know by 28 Feb (by email

  • Your choice of what sort of casualty you would like to be, from: Lucky, Dusty, Walking wounded or Bloody Casualty.
  • Whether you plan to come on the convoy; modern or historic vehicle.
  • Whether you plan to come to the church service, or would like to stay with vehicles.

The publicity leaflet is available here as well. R & M Information leaflet

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Ransome and Marles 75th anniversary – leaflet available

Stanley Works frontageClick here to download the R & M Information leaflet which has all the timings for the weekend. More detailed information will come out for re-enactors in the next week or so.

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