• Photos from Black Country Living Museum July 17, 2017 ” ngg_triggers_display=”never” is_ecommerce_enabled=”1″ order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   We are now all safely back home, and back into the 21st Century, after a superb weekend. For us, it was a first time, as we are normally at Woodhall Spa this weekend, but we decided to try something new, and are glad we did. BCLM is a fantastic venue for ...
  • Photos from the Severn Valley Railway July 6, 2017 We have been sent some magnificent photos from a professional photographer, Phil Lea, who was with us on the second weekend. In case you missed the previous post, we are very grateful to Mr Matthews for shooting this video.  Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterGooglePinterestPrintEmailLike this:Like Loading...
  • Air Raid at Severn Valley Railway July 5, 2017 We are back from a superb couple of weekends at the Severn Valley Railway, where we ran an air raid n each of the 4 days, each day getting slightly more spectacular than the last. We are very grateful to Mr Matthews for shooting this video.  Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterGooglePinterestPrintEmailLike this:Like Loading...
  • More photos from Lanc and Tank May 30, 2017 I was very kindly sent some lovely photos by Keith Foster of, which he has given permission to use here. Thank you, Keith. Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterGooglePinterestPrintEmailLike this:Like Loading...
  • Lanc, Tank and Military Machines 2017 May 29, 2017 We have had a lovely weekend at the Lanc, Tank and Military Machines event at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum. On Saturday we did a firefighting display using foam (washing up liquid), and on Monday, we did a joint display with the resident firefighting team. On both days, we offered fire engine rides round the airfield, ...
  • Air raid at Quorn Station, 3rd, 4th June 1942 (2017) May 28, 2017 The display will be at 1:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday in Quorn Yard in the space between the Goods Shed and Marquee. Quorn and Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, LE12 8AG. A lone German bomber attacks a train parked in the siding at Quorn being unloaded. The train has a box van of explosives being unloaded by railway ...
  • Foam testing December 31, 2016 John and David went down to the farm to try out the foam branches. Armed with a few bottles of Aldi’s finest washing up liquid (about 30p a bottle), we got out the Beresford, connected suction to the test tank, put in some petrol and water, and then noticed a lot of condensation on the ...
  • Photos from Papplewick Pumping Station October 29, 2016 A small group took the K2 and Dennis pump, together with a Beresford Stork pump, and the Mobile Canteen. We informed the public about the dangers of the incendiary bomb, and then demonstrated the power of the pumps, running a fairly substantial hand-held branch with two ground monitors, both with 1  1/8″ nozzles. With thanks to ...
  • Air Raid at Quorn Station, GCR 4th-5th June 2016 – instructions for reenactors May 20, 2016 The display will be at 1:10pm on Saturday and Sunday in Quorn Yard in the space between the Goods Shed and Marquee. Quorn and Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, LE12 8AG. The detail of the scenario is here. Please look at the GCR Wartime Weekend website here. We are planning to take the Dodge Mobile Dam as the main vehicle ...
  • Newark Advertiser photos March 11, 2016 In preparation for the Commemorative re-enactment of the Newark Air Raid, the Newark Advertiser came down to our storage facility to take some publicity photos. As it happens, a building had just been demolished, so we had the perfect backdrop. Lewis, Richard and I got the Beresford Stork to work. Share this:FacebookMoreTwitterGooglePinterestPrintEmailLike this:Like Loading...












Dennis No2, built: 1938

Capacity: 500 gallons/minute

Owned: David Moore


Coventry Climax on trailer, built: 1950s

Capacity: 350 gallons/minute

Owned: John Sutcliffe


Beresford Stork, built: 1940s

Capacity: 200(?) gallons/minute

Owned: 1) John Sutcliffe (needs complete restoration)

2) David Moore (complete, needs re-commissioning)


Grey Coventry Climax trailer, owned by Michael Sutcliffe.

Currently being converted to carry a Beresford Stork.