Training session: Calling all ARP, Police, WVS, Medic and civilian reenactors in the East Midlands

We (the NFS officers) would like to run another event, much shorter and simpler, aimed solely at ARP wardens, Police, WVS and Casualties, and we are suggesting a Saturday half-day in March. Starting at 12:30 with soup and a roll, and finish around 4pm on Saturday 29th March.

Essentially, we are hoping to make the Air Raid scenarios that we do at 1940s events better all round – safer, more dramatic, more realistic, more historically accurate, and for this to happen, everyone who works with us needs to be more aware of what your character would have done 70 years ago.

The idea will be to run through some of the jobs that ARP wardens did, and practice them. And practice the Police/ARP interaction – the Police were officially in control, after all. Things like getting a casualty onto a stretcher and into an ambulance, evacuating casualties from a burning building, First Aid (not for real!), rescue,and discussing and planning how Police and ARP wardens work with the NFS. How the WVS can portray some of the jobs we know they did, and how it fits in with the timing of the Air Raid display. And how to bring some drama into the display. Anyone who portrays nursing as well as civilians who would like to portray a casualty would also be welcome.

We don’t have all the answers, but see it as a Mutual Improvement Class, where we can all learn from each other’s knowledge and skills.

Please let me know if you can come on Sat 29th March..

Hope to see you soon.
David, and the other NFS officers (Dave, Dave and John)

Incidentally, here are some lovely photos of two young WVS women running a canteen.

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