Wheels of Fire, Home Front Transport, They Rode Green Fire Engines by Alan House

“Wheels of Fire” by Alan House

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The provision of vehicles and equipment for use by the fire service during and immediately following World War Two presented many challenges.  This book highlights the problems, the innovations and the variety of vehicles placed in service to defend the nation from the ravages of fire caused by air raids, from the early days of the Auxiliary Fire Service through to the standardised era of the National Fire Service. It systematically shows in large, clear photographs virtually every conceivable vehicle or piece of equipment used by the NFS.

A4 size with 596 pages and 910 photographs.  Price £22 (plus £5.70 p&p),  Profits to the HFRS Heritage Collection/’Final Salute’ Memorial.

“Home Front Transport” By Alan House

The Civil Defence Services of World War Two and of the ‘Cold War’ era period required a range of vehicles, carrying specialist equipment, designed to respond to the devastation caused by attack from the air.  Ranging from converted lorries and vans during the war years to purpose designed vehicles of the post war Civil Defence organisation, these vehicles played a vital role in defending the nation from the ravages of war.  This book is a detailed account of the many vehicles used by the Civil Defence Services during World War Two and those organisations, including the Auxiliary Fire Service, the Civil Defence Corps, the Police and the Food Flying Squads, formed in anticipation of attack during the Cold War period.  The book is dedicated to the men and women who served in the Home Front services.

A4 format, 308 pages, 380 photographs.  £16.00 (plus p&p).

“They Rode Green Fire Engines” by Alan House

The story of the Auxiliary Fire service in Hampshire 1949-1968. Many people are familiar with the fire appliance known as the ‘Green Goddess’ but just as many do not realise its origins and that it was not the only green fire engine. A mixture of fire appliances were built under Government contract to be crewed by the volunteer men and women who formed the AFS which was part of the UK Civil Defence organisation established to be mobilised on any outbreak of war during the ‘cold war’ era. The AFS units were attached to local authority fire brigades. Although written around the Hampshire Brigades the book contains details and photos of the AFS in general.

A4 format consisting of 216 pages and 186 photographs.

The above three books by Alan House are available from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

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