Lowdham Floods 23 July 2013

Following extreme rain on 23rd July, Lowdham suffered a number of flooded houses. Possibly more than an inch of rain fell in half an hour over wide areas of Nottinghamshire. Lowdham, Thurgarton and Southwell were badly affected.

The Goddess pumping

The Goddess pumping

It was different to last time. Then we had prolonged rain that mean that the ground was waterlogged, the streams and becks were full, and any further rain in the areas upstream of the Cocker Beck caused Lowdham to flood a couple of hours later as the beck overflowed.

This time, the rain was so heavy it was running off the roads and fields so fast that the drains could not cope, and quickly built up in the low-lying areas of the village. Within half an hour of the rain starting, areas were flooded.

John Sutcliffe, his son Michael and I, brought out of storage three pumps: a 1956 Green Goddess, which set to work on flooded property behind the village store, a wartime Beresford Stork pump working on the cottages on Southwell Road opposite the Magna Charta pub, and a wartime Dennis large trailer pump, which worked at Beacroft Farm, and later on Southwell Road.

We also turned out to the vicarage on Old Tannery Drive, but the water wasn’t deep enough for our comparatively large equipment. And once it had stopped raining, the drains continued to work, and in many areas, the water went as fast as it came.

If anyone has any photos I could use on my website, www.nfs-afs.org.uk, please would you email them to info@nfs-afs.org.uk

Also, if anyone is interested in getting involved with this great wartime equipment, either at shows, or on standby if Lowdham floods again, please have a look at the website and get in touch. Most of the time, we take the equipment to 1940s weekends, and demonstrate it in use. But it can still work for real!

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