The Princess Royal unveils the Memorial to Nottinghamshire Firefighters

The memorial is to all firemen, ARP wardens, Civil Defence, Fire Watchers and more recent Firefighters from Nottinghamshire who died in the line of duty. Obviously most died during WW2, but there were a few since.

I had been invited to take the K4 Turntable Ladder, to represent Wartime Firefighting. Additionally, there was the 1953 Leyland from Mansfield Fire Museum, and a 1978 Dennis Fire Appliance provided by Ian Whibberley, together with a current appliance form NFRS.

On a short test drive on Monday, I found that the fuel starvation problems had re-emerged, so I hurriedly ordered a new electric fuel pump, which arrived today, and fitted it this evening. It worked great for, ooh, just under a mile, and then the engine gave out completely. The lack of petrol to the engine was eventually traced to, ahem, an empty petrol tank.

 On Wednesday evening, the TL was safely in the central bay of Nottingham’s Central Fire Station, just a short drive from the ceremony. Rob Leese met me there on Thursday morning, as he was detailed to stay with the vehicle during the ceremony.

A Guard of Honour was formed for the Princess to walk through, consisting of AFS firemen, NFS Firemen, ARP and Rescue, and two from the Civil Defence.

On Thursday 9th May, the 72nd anniversary of the Blitz on Nottingham, the K4 ran perfectly and was much admired. It was an honour to meet HRH Princess Royal, who managed to have a meaningful conversation with nearly 60 complete strangers, and be completely relaxed and charming as well. It was very touching to meet some of the descendants of those whose names are on the memorial. I also spoke to a retired fireman from the 60’s and 70’s who was a TL operator in Grantham on an Austin K4!

Designcat Photography posted her photos on facebook.

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