Fordson workshop news

The Fordson is having some major surgery to sort out a number of major problems: overheating, flat battery, poor starting, and then recommissioning the Barton pump.

Progress so far:

  • The radiator has been flushed, and an electric fan fitted
  • The dashboard removed, stripped, painted and rewired
  • Instruments refurbished, including recommissioning the temperature gauge, which has not worked for at least 30 years, if not longer
  • 12V starter motor fitted to replace the 6V one, which also had a worn-out pinion (luckily the ring gear on the flywheel is OK)
  • Alternator fitted in place of the 6V dynamo
  • The original indicator controls on the steering wheel have been overhauled and rewired
  • The pump priming chambers and floats are almost ready for re-assembly
  • The slots in the floor for the pedals have been straightened, enlarged and painted, with new rubber being fitted
  • The interior of the front of the cab has been repained while it is all accessible

Still to do includes

  • Wiring the fan
  • Final loose ends and testing of the rewiring
  • Refitting the dashboard and connecting the instruments
  • checking the ignition timing
  • Fitting the radiator and radiator grille
  • repainting the Barton pump

We would like to obtain or fabricate a new screen surround, and fit a water feed direct to the pump from the water tank.

But I think we have broken the back of the work.

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