Crich 1940s today

We had an early start today to get all the vehicles to Crich Tramway Museum in time to get the water supply prepared before the museum opened to the public at 10am.

The main event was a scenario just after lunch in which the air raid siren sounded, bombs went off in the Red Lion pub, and the NFS was called by the ARP wardens.

The K2 with Dennis pump arrived at the scene, hotly followed by the Escape Carrier. A ladder was set against the back wall of the side street, and two firemen went up with a hose to tackle the blaze which was billowing smoke out of the back of the pub.

Overcome by the heat, they requested backup from the turntable ladder, which was to be used as a water tower, so a jet could be directed at the blaze from a safe height.

It arrived very quickly, and was put to work with a one-inch nozzle. It did not take long to get the blaze under control, and in fact the incident hardly even held up the trams passing by on the street outside.

Everything was knocked off and made up, in time for the main vehicle parade. After that, there was a short demonstration of the Turntable Ladder, after which the NFS stood down for the day, initially in search of tea, but eventually found water, flavoured with malt and hops, in the pub they had saved from a burning destruction.

A great day was had by all. Karina took some excellent HD video of the scenario, and that will be posted when she has edited it into a video.

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