NFS display at Crich Tramway Museum 1940s weekend

John Sutcliffe and David Needham have just been to Crich to discuss with Doug our display at the 1940s weekend  (11th/12th August).  We have been working on a display involving the T/L, K2 and trailer pump.  The scenario will involve a fire in the ‘Red Lion’ following an “air-raid”.  The plan involves using as many of our vehicles as possible and as such we require as many crew as we can muster. We are talking sirens, bomber and air-raid sounds over the PA, smoke, pyros, first response by ARP followed by the arrival of the NFS who get a pump to work in the side-street to the left of the pub, before calling in the Turntable Ladder to get access to the upper story of the pub.

As a real air-raid would involve ARP, Police etc we are looking for assistance from re-enactors in those types of uniforms.

The Crich people are enthusiastic and are willing to enter into the scenario. The display is planned to be down in the main town area and should give a good show for the visitors. It is expected to follow on after the vehicle parade in the afternoon. This will be later on the Saturday as the Spitfire flypast is due at 2:30. (On the Sunday, we understand that the Spitfire is due at 4pm). We will also be doing training sessions at our base camp,  by the tramline just up the hill from the Bowes-Lyon bridge. All we need now is good weather.

If you can take part, please contact John on

See you there!

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