Clumber last weekend, Burton next weekend

We took the Turntable Ladder, and the K2 and Dennis trailer pump. The TL went on Friday evening, via Hannah’s school Prom. The displays on Saturday consisted of a pumping session by the lake, and TL drill. On Sunday, we laid two lines from the lakeside to the hard standing where the TL was parked, and got a substantial jet from the 1″ + 1/8″  nozzle on the ladder-head monitor. We repeated it again, and got a really good crowd on both occasions.

There was heavy rain overnight, with Michael and myself camping in the back of the K2 after a superb dinner and dance for the re-enactors.

Getting home was a bit of an adventure. The K2 ran faultlessly, and Fran gave me a lift back for the TL. A mile or so from the event, Fran overtook and sped home, and before she was even out of sight, the TL ran out of petrol! But there was no way of catching her attention, and no mobile signal. Luckily a car-full of ARP wardens stopped and gave me a lift to the petrol station. Thank you, Anne. Now this was really bizarre – a 14-gallon tank runs out of petrol just 25 miles from filling up, and then only accepts 5 gallons of petrol. Did I just say ‘only’ 5 gallons for 25 miles – yes.

There are some lovely photos here.

Next week, we are taking part in ‘Operation Malt Shovel’ at the Burton Museum of Brewing. Events are listed here, Malt Shovel is part of the ‘Vintage Years’ event of nostalgia from the 40s, 50s and 60s. See

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