New uniforms acquired at Sheffield today

Had a lovely time at the Sheffield Fire and Police Museum memorabilia sale today. The NFS re-enacting group in the South East (Heroes with Grimy Faces) had some surplus tunics, including three in large, with trousers. I also picked up some axes, belts, a couple of caps, and two lengths of 3-inch suction, with strainer and blank cap for the Beresford Stork. Oh yes, and two vehicle First Aid kits (they look like oversized gas mask bags), to complement the tin kits we have for the station. All in all, a very successful day.

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I am a director of a small (and very technical) business, a committed Christian, a Reader (and preacher) in my local village church, husband to my dear Frances, am interested in heritage railways, and heritage fire engines. I currently run a group that displays wartime and early post-war fire engines at 1940s re-enacting events and steam engine rallies. O yes, and vintage cars and motorbikes, and we live in a Victorian railway station.
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  1. Bryony Walker says:

    Hi there
    I am just starting out with re-enating AFS and am looking for a few bits of uniform, namely a skirt/trousers, blouse and tie. I have a tunic, badge, forager cap and cap badge. I’m a 34″ bust and 26-28″ waist. If you can help at all I’d really appreciate it. I’m going to be joining heroes with grimy faces soon (hopefully).
    Dolly de Muir

  2. lowdhamstation says:

    Very sorry, I can’t help. We don’t have any female uniform whatsoever, and our men don’t have anything resembling original shirts or ties, as under a tunic, it isn’t seen.

    Hope you have fun with ‘Heroes’, and if you, or any one else from the group ever find yourselves in the Midlands, you will get a warm welcome from us.
    Best wishes,

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