Austin K2 Maintenance – most rust problems repaired

Had a busy few days at the farm. We have had the mobile welder in to sort the rot, and have then been round filling, sanding and painting. We are very nearly ready to start re-assembly. Just need to get a new sidelight, as one simply refused in a fight to the death to come off in one piece.

Yesterday, Alison and Hugh, from came over again. This time Hugh fitted the remaining pieces of ash to the K4 crew cab and Alison measured up some more leatherwork. She also delivered the most beautiful leather strap with the original quick-release buckle to hold the emergency lowering-line into place. Alison helped with sanding the ladder from the K2 (which was caustic-dipped a few weeks ago). A sample of this has been given a coat of well-thinned varnish to see how it comes up, and if it is any easier to sand down after varnishing.

We also took the inspection cover off the side of the Dennis pump to find almost two inches depth of sludge – silt from pumping dirty river-water – inside the cylinder block – see photo.

Another job is to move the Fordson seat so it is cantral behind the steering wheel, rather than being offset about 4 inches to the right (which means that the driver is looking directly at the pillar!) We are hoping that a spare Goddess seat will fit, as that will give vertical adjustment as well.

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