Instructions for Operation – Dennis No2 350/500 Gall pump

The original instructions for operation.

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  1. Dear reader,

    One of our older members is currently writing an article about the trailer pumps that were donated or sold to Holland after the seccond World War. These were mainly Coventry-Climax, Beresford-Stork, Harland and above all the Dennis (medium and heavy) trailer pumps. He is in desperate need of a picture (drawing or photograph) of the gauges (outlet of water, oilpressure and so on) from the Dennis trailer pump. Could you perhaps be of assistance to him? We would be very greatfull if you could help us a little bit.

    Thank you in advance.

    Peter Snellen,
    Chairman of the VBB (Dutch “Fire Brigade Society”)

  2. lowdhamstation says:

    There are two photos on the Appliances->Dennis No2 page that show the gauges, one of the pump towed by the K2, and the first one of the workshop series. But I am at an event this weekend, and will try to remember to take a decent close-up.

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