Firefighters Memorial Appeal committee meeting

I have just got back from the Notts Firefighters Memorial Appeal committee meeting, and a number of interesting things arose:

Feedback from the Nottingham Open Day was extremely good. The Lord Mayor apparently said that of all the events he had attended in his year of office, this was the best, so he obviously didn’t mind too much getting a bit wet.

A firefighter who watched the show from the top of the ALP commented:

“The way that monitor is pointing at the top of the ladder is going to get the Mayor wet. If water comes on now, he’ll get wet. Come on, turn it on…. Yeeessssss!”

The bulk of the £1400 raised over the weekend came from collections in the Market Square.

The prestige fundraising charity dinner in the Central Fire Station cannot be organised in time for mid-August, due to unforseen delays. So that looks like being in October or November. So how about a ‘Birth of the NFS’ 70th anniversary display in the Market Square? The NFS came into being on 18th August 1941, so a Saturday afternoon display on 20th August would be fun.

But as it is likely to be in the middle of ‘Nottingham by the Sea’ (see we cannot use the Council House. However, there is a possibility that we could do something in the join of King St and Queen St, and tap in to the crowds that will be there. This is to be pursued.

And finally, David Needham asked if we would like the opportunity to have a training session at a local fire station, say Carlton or Bingham, where we could put the escape up against the tower, and spray water, with some input from the pros? Do cows eat grass? I suggest David checks that he still has all his fingers….

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