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Latest News – we have been invited to do a road run into the centre of Nottingham, and a display attended by the Mayor of Nottingham in the Old Market Square over the weekend of 7th and 8th May as part of our living history event based at the Central Fire Station.

In a meeting with David Needham (Firefighters Memorial Appeal), the Council House Safety Officer, and a number of Councillors, the possibilities for a display in the Old Market Square were explored.

The following plan evolved for a display that is constrained to finish by 10:30am (because of weddings):

At 10am, an air raid siren sounds in the Square. (Ideally, this will be part of a soundtrack played over PA consisting of siren, planes, bombs, fire, and finally the all-clear siren).

‘Flames’ are seen in a number of windows in the Council House. (This is done by projecting a fire video onto tracing paper over the window using a laptop and digital projector). A smoke generator near the windows gives the impression of smoke from the fire.

The K4 TL and the K2 towing a trailer pump come to the Market Square, preceded by a modern appliance, which will park down the side of the Council House. The K4 parks facing the windows with ‘flames’, and the K2 parks straight across the front of the steps. TL ladder elevated and extended, with hose on the monitor (fitted with diffusing nozzle for a soft spray). The pump takes water using a short hose from a very near hydrant, and feeds two hoses – one to the ladder and the other to a branchman with a London branch. Soft spray can be directed to near the windows with ‘flames’. The London branch can do soft spray, and can also try to get a jet of water onto the roof.

The Mayor appears on the balcony crying for help for the people inside. Two firemen in wartime breathing apparatus rush into the building, and shortly emerge. One is leading leading the Mayor, who is coughing into a hanky (because of the smoke). The other carries a Councillor out with a Fireman’s Lift. It would be great if she could then be put on stretcher and carried into a wartime ambulance – does anyone know anyone who has one?

Some incendiaries land near the front of the Council House, and are dealt with using buckets and stirrup pumps. By this time, the main fire is out, and we ‘knock off and make up’, as the all-clear sounds on the siren.

A short announcement is made, saying that this is an act of remembrance, that funds are being collected for the Firefighter’s Memorial, and that the Central Fire Station is open all weekend. The NFS leave, while the modern firefighters and volunteers pass round a collecting bucket. Square is vacated by 10:30.

On the Sunday, we have the possibility of a road run round the Lace Market area of the city, ending up at St Mary’s Church, which almost burned down when incendiaries lodged in the roof. Staying for the service, or returning to the Fire Station would be optional.

Specific jobs:

  • David Needham via Fire Brigade to approach Severn Trent for permission to use hydrant.
  • David Needham to seek permission for vehicles onto Market Square, and street collection licence.
  • David Needham to approach vicar of St Mary’s church about any act of remembrance on the Sunday morning.
  • David Moore to make imitation incendiary bombs, and source soundtrack, laptops, projectors.

Back at the Fire Station, on both days, we would do demonstrations at 12:30, 2pm and 3pm consisting of TL, K2+pump and water from hydrant directed at the tower. In between times, the WVS will serve tea and corned beef sandwiches, and give out a piece of chocolate when the tin mug is returned to the canteen!

The only issue raised by the safety officer was that smoke must NOT be allowed to get into the building, because if we set of the fire alarm for the whole of the Council House and the shopping centre, it will not be even slightly funny.

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