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Recent videos of us in action: Rufford Air Raid (2013) and by Ian Beck,  Lowdham Floods 2012, Crich Tramway Museum 2012.  newsreel of the air raid at Rufford by Ian Beck. James Walker made this video at Rufford 2012 using a tiny camera attached to his person whilst he went up the ladder! Our current leaflet is here: NFS Vehicles Group 2017 events, and has the events list on the back.

You can contact us at or call David on 0115 9664938.

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More photos from Lanc and Tank

I was very kindly sent some lovely photos by Keith Foster of, which he has given permission to use here. Thank you, Keith.

NFS at Lanc and Tank, 2017

NFS at Lanc and Tank, 2017

NFS at Lanc and Tank, 2017

NFS at Lanc and Tank, 2017

NFS at Lanc and Tank, 2017

NFS at Lanc and Tank, 2017

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Lanc, Tank and Military Machines 2017

We have had a lovely weekend at the Lanc, Tank and Military Machines event at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum. On Saturday we did a firefighting display using foam (washing up liquid), and on Monday, we did a joint display with the resident firefighting team. On both days, we offered fire engine rides round the airfield, and raised £80 for the museum. Altogether, a brilliant weekend.

Terry Mason took some great shots of the foam display.

Lanc, Tank and Military Machines

Picture 1 of 40

Lanc, Tank and Military Machines

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Air raid at Quorn Station, 3rd, 4th June 1942 (2017)

The display will be at 1:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday in Quorn Yard in the space between the Goods Shed and Marquee. Quorn and Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, LE12 8AG.

A lone German bomber attacks a train parked in the siding at Quorn being unloaded. The train has a box van of explosives being unloaded by railway workers onto a lorry supervised and assisted by Home Guard. There is also a petrol tanker wagon. The WVS have a mobile canteen nearby, and a Rest Centre.

The siren sounds, and the approaching bomber can be heard.

As the bombs fall, the wagon between the explosives and the petrol ‘catches fire’.

Some railway workers and/or Home Guard are injured by shrapnel and blast. ARP are first on the scene. Seeing the immediate danger they despatch an urgent message to the NFS requesting urgent assistance and to ARP HQ, requesting stretchers and Ambulance.

The K2 and pump are first on the scene, quickly followed by the Mobile Dam. The MD parks, and the pump is detached and connected to the MD. Two branches are set to work: water spray over the burning wagon, and foam over the petrol tanker.

Meanwhile the ARPs have been administering First Aid, and when the stretchers arrive, the casualties are moved onto them, and eventually into the K2, which departs to the WVS Rest Centre.

  • If you are involved, it is essential that you are at the briefing by the NFS make arrangements. Casualty makeup will start around 11am or earlier.
  • NFS firemen’s briefing will be at 10:30.
  • If you would like to take part, please get in touch  ASAP
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Some very poignant photos from the Blitz

Many thanks to Helen Crowfoot for drawing our attention to these:

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If you organise a 1940s event, you may like to have a look at our new page, at the bottom of the ‘About Us’ menu, or here:

I wouldn’t look at the casualty folder of photos just before a meal!

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Foam testing

John and David went down to the farm to try out the foam branches. Armed with a few bottles of Aldi’s finest washing up liquid (about 30p a bottle), we got out the Beresford, connected suction to the test tank, put in some petrol and water, and then noticed a lot of condensation on the spark plugs. Hmm, going to be difficult to start. First turn of the handle – nothing. Second turn, cough. Third turn, and it started! The warmth from the engine will soon dry it all out.

So we decided to try the modern (well, 1960’s) foam branch from the Green Goddess, with 25% detergent 75% water in the bucket, being drawn in from the pickup tube. Took a few moments to pick up – possibly air getting in the foam valve. Anyway, after a couple of minutes, we had used most of our mixture, and the foam looked rather good.

The next attempt was using the wartime No 2 Foam Branch, and a mixture of 33% detergent. That got going very quickly and produced very satisfactory demo foam. Two bottles of detergent produced a good load of foam using about 50-60 gallons of water.

Note that this foam differs significantly from the foam used by the Fire Brigades for real. Firstly, it is not thick, firm foam like whipped cream or shaving foam, it is more bubbly. And it does not stick to a vertical wall like real foam – it slides down. But for a re-enactment, this is a positive advantage, making it easier to clear up, and most unlikely to do any damage to any plane fuselage we sprayed, and unlikely to do any environmental damage, as the detergent is bio-degradable.

So this means that we can do a very presentable scenario at an airfield-based 1940s event, such as at East Kirkby, Newark Air Museum, or Elvington. Or even the new air show at Scampton in September? All we need now is a soundtrack of either an airfield being bombed, or an aircraft crash landing, and a bit of flame and lots of smoke. That is for the next training event!


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Austin K2 for sale

Occasionally we get asked if we know of any WW2 appliances for sale. Today we do. Here is a K2 for sale, with an asking price of £7,000, which we feel is a bit steep. In fact, very steep for one that hasn’t run for 5 years, and looks like it has been stored outdoors. I would guess it will need a lot doing to it. Perhaps a third of the asking price would be reasonable.

And 1965 is nowhere near it’s actual build date. 1942-43 would be a better guess.


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Photos from Papplewick Pumping Station

A small group took the K2 and Dennis pump, together with a Beresford Stork pump, and the Mobile Canteen. We informed the public about the dangers of the incendiary bomb, and then demonstrated the power of the pumps, running a fairly substantial hand-held branch with two ground monitors, both with 1  1/8″ nozzles.

With thanks to Andrew Harrison, amhjp photography Military, for these excellent photos.

See more of his work here:

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Maintenance and Training weekend 30-31 July

We would like to invite our regular NFS firemen, and anyone who would like to see the collection and try their hand at hose, ladder and pump drill to come and join us at the farm on Saturday and Sunday 30-31 July.

We have hoses, branches and pumps to test, so there will be opportunities to have a go, and to learn and practice on these.

We have a backlog of sorting out and cataloging equipment, spares and other general ‘stuff’, including re-organising some of the longer-term parts to the more out-of-the-way spaces so that everything is more accessible.

The Mobile Canteen needs the roof painting, as well as a full paint inside.

The extending ladder on the Turntable is long overdue for sanding down and repainting. And there’s an engine to put back together, a gearbox and clutch to dismantle, and some interesting historical fittings to mount for display, as well as a load of leaky hose to be cut down, and refurbished as short lengths.

It would be great if a good number of people could come, as we would get so much more done than we can achieve on our own in evenings. Saturday night accomodation is available for anyone coming from further afield.

Please contact us if you are able to come, by email on, or message on our facebook page or telephone on 0115 9664215 (John) 0r 9664938 (David). We will then let you know times and directions.

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1940s Festival at Woodhall Spa

Back home from another successful, safe and enjoyable scenario at Woodhall Spa. We took part in the display ‘The Eagle has Landed’ in which German airmen dressed as Polish paratroopers attempted to capture Churchill.

A number of our regular ‘Bloody Casualties’ were made up and carried out on stretchers.

The whole town was packed, and this made the road run very interesting.

Thanks to everyone involved, Firemen, Casualties, Civil Defence, and behind-the-scenes crew:

  • Keith and Shelley from Poole
  • Lewis
  • Peter, Angus and Frazer
  • Steve E
  • Michael
  • Richard
  • Steve and Mick with the red fire engines
  • Elaine and Terry, Wendy and Norman, Ann and Kev, our ‘Bloody Casualties’
  • Fei Ran and Rebecca
  • Paul with his K2 ambulance
  • Mervyn, Dan and Ian, the policemen
  • Will and Di, Graham and Victoria, Elaine and Alan in various Home Front services
  • And a special thanks to Jan, Hannah, Ange and Fran

It was great to work with you in a low-stress environment, where we all had fun, and still produces a successful, and extremely popular, display. A real delight was seeing a few low-level passes of the Lancaster, before getting all the vehicles safely home.

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